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The Internship

La Baracca sul Mare...

This picture is of la Baracca in the morning... I'm no JJ Abrams but I love a good lens flare

La Baracca Sul Mare


I am back on the blog after a lovely two month hiatus during which time I came back from Italy, celebrated my birthday, and enjoyed the last vestiges of a non-existent summer...

Since returning from my internship I've had many friends ask me about what I did in Italy sooooo I've decided to dedicate this post to a little about it.


As some of you may or may not know from reading my previous blogs, I was in the North of Italy for two months interning at a fashion company in Carpi called Daniela Dallavalle. From Monday to Friday we (me and the other intern) worked at the company and on weekends we travelled (as seen in previous posts I went to places like Genova, Verona, Venice, Vicenza and Padova).

During my internship we had a lot of tasks with different departments (some that will be shown in pictures), but we mostly worked in the communications office helping with social media. Additionally, I was able to learn many tidbits about the Italian language and culture. The whole experience was amazing and even the building we worked in was gorgeous and inspirational. The building is endearingly called "La Baracca Sul Mare" which means something like "the house on the sea" or "the little cottage on the sea". Every single inch of the building is art and every room looks like it could be part of a museum. It was crazy because everyday I would discover a new detail about La Baracca. Little passageways are littered about and the rooms often change decor depending on any events or the season.

A slideshow of some parts of the building with descriptions for your convenience .. wink (move mouse over the picture to see a description or title)


The washrooms and secret passageways deserved their own picture space! They were some of my favourite parts of the building and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of all of them although now I wish I did.. Here are the ones I did get pictures of...

Ciao ciao,

Bisous xx,


La Baracca at night...

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