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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Palazzo Chiericati
Palazzo Chiericati
Teatro Olimpico

Ciao a tutti,

This post is a tad bit behind as we were busy during the last week or so... (Next blog post I'll fill you in on our time at the internship and about the beautiful building we worked in). For now I'll share a bit about our short day trips to Vicenza and Padova respectively.

VICENZA. In Vicenza we visited the Teatro Olimpico and The Palazzo Chiericati. The theatre and the palace were constructed in the Renaissance era. Both are architecturally stunning and were designed by the same architect (Andrea Palladio). The interior of the theatre is even more breathtaking in person than in the pictures I took. It is definitely something I'd recommend seeing if you were ever in the area. The Palazzo Chiericati is located directly across the street from the theatre. It has been turned into an art gallery (also called Museo Civico) which had a lovely collection of paintings and sculptures. During our short stay in Vicenza we also hit up a restaurant called Garibaldis.. I bought a large bowl of gelato...because it would be devastating to not taste gelato in each city we venture into. If you were wondering... it was delicious :)

PADOVA. Padova/Padua is home to the University of Padova, which is one of the oldest universities in Italy (founded in 1222). The city is a university town so it was filled with a younger demographic which was a change of pace from the other cities we had visited so far.

In Padova we managed to go for tea and desserts at a historical building called Caffè Pedrocchi with roots in the 1800s. Since it's inception it has been a gathering spot for, literati, students, teachers, artists, etc... The caffè had a cute little assortment of bakery style desserts as well as yummy sandwiches and healthy smoothies to choose from. We sat down and enjoyed most of siesta there as all the stores (except the chains of course) were closed from about 12:30ish to 3:30/4pm.

After siesta we did a little browsing and I have to say that the main shopping street in Padova was awesome. I feel that the age demographic of the city is key to the prices and stores that were on the main strip. I ended up buying a really cute shirt that was 5 euros from a store I am now in love with called Pull and Bear. (I should add that they were having a sale and that low prices are always welcome and never overlooked).

Ci vediamo dopo

Bisous xx, Court

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