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Piazza San Marco

The Doge's Palace

The edge of San Marco

STORY. Venezia, or Venice, as it is so named in English, will always be one of my favourite cities in terms of beauty. I have been fortunate enough to travel there twice in my lifetime and I can definitely see myself going back especially to see more of the islands and learn about the history and the Venetian language. I find that Venice is one of those places you can take pictures anywhere whether on a bridge or in the streets and it will always look nice. The architecture of the buildings paired with the canals and picturesque bridge crossings create alluring charm and original atmosphere.

Venice is located in the region of Veneto and about 4 hours away from our current house. Similar to every other place we've traveled, it took a couple of trains to get there. The train station in St. Lucia, Venezia is lovely. Surprisingly, it was like a mini mall and contained a few shopping stores. I ended up falling in love with a shop called Parfois. Parfois is the perfect place for cute little accessories like purses, earrings or necklaces. I will definitely be showing some of the pieces I bought there in later blogs as well as on my instagram so stay tuned.

MUSIC. As recommended by a "co-worker", we went to a show called Viva Vivaldi. Antonio Vivaldi, for those of you who aren't familiar with earlier periods of music, was a Venetian composer and violinist born in the late 1600s. The Viva Vivaldi show is a series of three rooms where you sit down and listen to Vivaldi. The music in these rooms is accompanied with "video mapped" architecture which basically means that the images/videos are mapped out onto the room so that everything you see in the room, i.e. on the walls, the floors, the ceiling, work together to create a 3D look for the specific setting. There were also smells that accompany the videos. It was a cool experience.

FASHION. I wore a two-piece peach cotton outfit for our first day in Venice. I found the set at a store we visited in Verona called OVS and I thought it was perfect because lately the weather in northern Italy has been extremely hot... as in 35+ to about 40 degrees celsius. I loved wearing this outfit because although it was hot, my skin could still breathe.

SIDENOTE.There are many mask shops in Venice and it was interesting to see all the different kinds of masks that filled the stores. In some shops we got to see the artist making them. I've heard from a friend at work that many people dress up and wear intricate masques during Carnival in Venice. Maybe I'll come back to see that festival one day...

Mask shop

Ci vediamo dopo

Bisous xx, Court