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At SBD, we maintain slow fashion with thoughtful, made to order pieces that are all designed in Canada. Each piece is created to be different, sleek, functional but also carefully crafted. Signed by Dahliah was created for those who desire stand out pieces that work in concert with the rest of your wardrobe.


We make a conscious effort to purchase our fabrics from small and local businesses as well as buy remnant fabric in order to keep waste to a minimum.


We sell accessories such as fanny packs, small pouches, bucket hats and fashion illustrations. Additionally we sell staple clothing items such as overcoats, dresses and bomber jackets. Our greatest accomplishment is to see a client in a piece that resonates with them and accentuates their style.



Courtney graduated George Brown College in the Fashion Techniques and Design program with awards for Academic Excellence and Pattern Drafting. During her time at George Brown, she won a scholarship position for a two month intern position at the fashion headquarters of Daniela Dallavalle in Italy, and created a mini collection for the George Brown Threads fashion show. She also has an Honours degree with a specialization in English and minor in Business. Although formal training has impacted her skill, she first gained her passion for creating through watching her grandmother make clothing.


She has enjoyed designing since she was young and has amalgamated her passion for designing with the skills she has learned at school in order to expand her vision.

In honour of the founder's

grandmother, who first introduced her into the world of fashion, our name is Signed by Dahliah.


AWARD OF EXCELLENCE recipient - Black Designers of Canada

PATTERN DRAFTING AWARD recipient - George Brown Fashion and Design College

STUDIO 7 AWARD recipient - George Brown Fashion and Design College