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STORY. Verona. The city evokes thoughts of love and intimacy with it's very name. Anyone who's read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has heard of this place and it's star crossed lovers. Surprisingly, or maybe not, for those of you who know me, I didn't go to Verona to bask in the romance of the city. It was recommended to Ela* and I by our co-workers so we went because it was only about 1-2 hours away by train. After a long week we didn't want to travel to a city that required accommodations for the night. However, that being said, I am glad we went because Verona is a beautiful city (from what we saw). Cafés are littered attractively about, balconies are sprinkled with flowers and greenery, and the streets are cute little paths leading you to delicious meals and yummy gelaterias.*We were able to visit some attractions, like Juliet's house, but in all honesty we spent just as much time shopping and browsing the stores as we did looking at the architecture and attractions.

FASHION. I did not expect to shop at all in Verona but I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of stores on the main shopping strip called Via Mazzini. Mid-priced to high-end stores were present and to be honest who doesn't like to drool at all the Versace and Fendi you can't possibly afford - or maybe you can - as you walk from store to store...but I digress. Below I've included some items that I thought were great buys. Prior to this trip, we hadn't done much browsing so shopping allowed me to learn the names of some European retailers whether high end or low such as my personal favourite Stradivarius. On another note, I was really happy to get some pieces of colour as I feel like a lot of stores in Canada generally carry darker coloured clothing unless you walk into forever 21 orrr maybe that's just my experience because I love to wear black.

PIECES. Now to the actual items. I loved the hat because the style wasn't too crazy but the colours were. It'll be great to wear on a hot day with some white or black pieces. I could even pull some of the colours from the hat and wear those. Coincidentally I found a neclack with matching colours however I doubt I'd wear them together. The earrings I found were by far my favourite purchase of the day. I'll probably wear them with an all white ensemble or pair them with a pastel coloured maxi dress.

*see previous posts

*Gelato is Italian style ice cream for those of you who have unfortunately and tragically never had the absolute pleasure..but seriously, if you have not you should probably go and get some or forever remain depraved

Before I posted this I wore some of the accessories. Here are the pictures of the items minus the shoes. Please excuse the célfies.

Bisous xx, Court