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Hi All,

If you haven't already, please check out my first 3 blog posts! The first one is more like an intro so it's quite short but the other two posts are good for a quick read. Generally I will try to post every Sunday however, this weekend I will be exploring another part of Italy so I've decided to post a bit early.


STORY. During our first weekend in Italy, which would have been about 2 weeks ago, Ela and I wanted to go to a city called Genoa which is west of our location. Before we went, we asked for some of our "co-workers" for advice and the results were grim. They told us there was nothing special to see and it couldn't compare to Rome, Venice, Verona or Florence, which apparently, are "must see locations", and nothing will do unless you've seen them first. As it happens, I've been to Italy twice before and during those times I've visited those cities minus Verona. They are beautiful and I do recommend seeing them but Ela and I wanted to try something new and less touristy.

In the end we went anyway as we had already booked our accommodations. I'm glad we did because it was gorgeeeouuusss! As we thought, the general populace was Italian, sprinkled with foreigners here and there. One of the reasons I love going to local spots, is to see how the culture interacts with itself so Genoa was a perfect place to see this.

FASHION. During our visit, one of the outfits I wore was a blue jumper (pictured above) with a pair of rounded shades and black fanny pack that I normally wear crossbody. When I travel I like to carry a small purse because it's easier to carry and glasses since I don't wear too much makeup when I'm wandering around the whole day. Side note: My hat is sticking out of my elbow for reasons unknown.. I'm sorry, these things happen ;)

FOOD. We were told by a co-worker to try the Focaccia con pesto. Focaccia is made with thin flat bread similar to some thin crust pizzas. It was topped with cheese and pesto and extremely delizioso.

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Bisous xx, Court