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YAS! Second post here we come...

In my first post I talked about the internship me and Ela are attending so I thought I could share some pictures with you.

As you can see the building we intern at is extremely gorgeous and full of natural lighting. Every room is art and has been carefully curated and crafted by the designer. There are even details in the hallways and on the floors, which are decorated using different textures and designs.

The outfit above is what I wore on the second day of my internship. I tend to wear a lot of black at jobs or in a professional setting which I find to be very common in Canada however in this company everyone is always wearing colourful clothing and lots of white. This could also be due to the fact that the weather has been very hot in Northern Italy during the past month and so it is hard to wear black in hot weather. During the morning it is about 25 degrees (Celsius) and goes up to 36-38 degrees midday. Luckily our building has great air conditioning! Since Ela (the other intern from my school) and I bike to the company we bring our clothes via knapsack and change once we get there. On this particular day I decided to wear a flowy white top with black culottes and a statement necklace from Zara. I wore my Nike kicks as I was unsure how much running around we'd have to do. ​​

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