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Carpi Buildings

Clorofilla Restaurant


Hi All, please bear with me as I attempt my first blog post! Harrowing, I know...

So first, let me start with how I came to be in Europe...

Around winter time I applied and interviewed for an internship at my college to go to Carpi, Italy. The position I applied for related to Fashion Design (which is what I was going to school for) and fortunately I was selected to go. I was told, in vague terms, that I would be leaving around July, August or September.

Flash forward to early June. I was told, along with another student/intern (let's call her Ela for anonymity's sake), that we were to pack our bags because we'd be going to Italy ASAP. The time had come!! Ela and I scrambled for 2 weeks to find accommodations and flights on short notice.

On June 11th we arrived in Italy on a mid-Sunday afternoon at Reggio Emilia Airport and immediately took a bus and then a train to the city of Carpi where we will spend the next month. Carpi, not to be confused with Capri, is located in the northern part of Italy in the province of Modena which is about a 2-3 hour train ride away from Milan.

On our first night, we were tired and hungry after unpacking so we decided to go to a little restaurant across the street called Clorofilla which is rated 4.5 stars on trip advisor. The food was excellent. Unsure of what to have for dessert - because desserts are always necessary - we asked the waiter what we should order. He ended up pleasing my indesicive heart and bringing us an assortment of desserts so we could try a little bit of each. *Drool* That night we went home extremely full. Such was our introduction into the Italian way of life.