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For this post I thought I'd switch it up and talk about a knit dress that I made for this fall season. Florals and crazy prints have been in the spotlight lately, especially all throughout this past spring and summer, so I wanted to make a dress using that trend but for the fall/winter season. (florals.. groundbreaking, I know)

Florals, Groundbreaking

I've been seeing a lot of winter florals on dresses for this fall and I'm sure it will continue throughout the cold season. I wanted to make this specific silhouette (long flared dress with uneven sides) so I could layer it with a knit and/or a cropped jacket or longer coat and wear it with either heels or flat boots depending on the occasion. I consciously chose to temper the bottom of the dress with the black slinky strip because I loved the idea of a single colour at the bottom and I chose black so I'd be able to wear it with other black clothes - of which I have in abundance. The perfect look for me would be the dress with a black belt and some black sock booties (could be small or large heels). This look could apply to the many similar style long dresses that have been popping up lately. I've included two examples below. The dress on the left is from Zara and can be found here and the dress on the right is from H&M and can be found here. Both shoes are from Aldo (link here > Left flats and Right heels).

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