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Vintage Fringe

So the other day I was looking in my closet and realized that I had not worn this vintage Danier Leather jacket that my mom had given me in a while. My mom was a HUGE and I mean HUUUUUGE fan of Danier when she was around my age. She had a plethora of leather pieces in different colours from yellow to purple and all with matching skirts or vests.

I particularly love this jacket because it can be worn in so many ways, but generally I like to wear it with my fur collar to jazz it up a bit. I took the shoulder pads out of it because I already have wide shoulders and the type of shoulder pads in the jacket were quite large. It's always fun to find things in my mom's closet and think of new ways to wear them and create new looks. This getup is a bit boyish with the faux leather pants and loafers, however I added earrings to pull the look together and add a girlish twist. This look was extremely fitting for the Toronto Men's Fashion week show that I attended with bae.

Bisous xo,


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