Fall is Here

The beginning of fall is synonymous with Libra season for me. Half the people I know, including my self, celebrate their birthdays during this time.. As the seasons change and the leaves start to fall, Canadians start to pack on the layers and gothic clo-...I mean dark clothing.

Since I've come back from Italy I've started a new love affair with skirts ... I wasn't really a fan of skirts - short, long or flowy - before I left, but there was something whimsically stylish about the way they were worn by the sophisticated Italian ragazze. Whether they were riding around town on their bicycles, strolling about the streets on errands, or dining on a patio, they made skirts look effortless... So, since I got back, I've pulled out any skirts I own and have been making and effort to style them into my everyday wardrobe. The particular skirt in said post, I found on sale at forever 21 and thought I'd style it with my all time favourite shirt and newly acquired grandma goggles...side note: I wore these glasses to my grandma's house. She told me she liked them, then told me she thought they were too big for my face..but I digress...

I wore a black duster coat to finish off the look incase it got chilly annnnd yes, I elected to wear socks with my flats which is something I do often with heels..... p.s. I'm itching to get a pair of socks with the two horizontal stripes at the top to wear with loafers

Ciao Ciao,

Bisous xx,