Job Hunting

The other day I went through the gruelling task of what to wear to hand out resumers. As a Fashion and Design graduate, I wanted to show my personal style but also not go overboard with my outfit since I'm applying to jobs within fashion industry. I decided on my striped blue Zara shirt and my dark blue skinny jeans. I paired them with my peach loafers and gold/blue statement earrings that I found gave my outfit a little ummphh. Originally I was thinking of wearing black skinny jeans or black regular jeans that I could have worn with black shoes. I decided on the dark blue jeans because they matched the blue of my earrings and shirt in a subtle way, and left room for me to wear my peach shoes that I found went nicely with my ensemble. Ps: I absolutely adore these earrings and almost every time I wear them I receive a compliment which always makes a girl feel stylish ;).

On the flip side ... A lot of job hunting is done on the computer nowadays and so I like to just chill out in my pjs and house coat. However, when I do leave the house to drop off resumers I like to look polished so that I'm ready for anything.

Ps. I'm currently trying to figure out how to add a comment section to my posts!! I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions from you <3

Bisous xo,